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Masterworks III 
Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday, June 3, 2017

SoNA proudly presents The Case of the Missing Melody – a collaborative project with Trike Theatre!

Written by Mike Thomas, this program introduces students to the symphonic world of music while reinforcing skills in listening, movement, and music creation. Using music and drama as a foundation, our goal is to actively engage students, helping them to recognize that sounds around us can be manipulated by musicians to create mood, emotion, atmosphere, and action.


Student Reviews

“I learned music is everywhere!”
"I loved learning the three parts to a song: Melody, Rhythm, and Bass line."
"I loved seeing the villain! She had an evil laugh!"
"I liked when the villain was changed because she learned to make music."

The Case of the Missing Melody Infomercial

Download the Teachers Guide

Download The Case of the Missing Melody Teachers Guide  


Partner Schools:

Prairie Grove Primary School, Prairie Grove

Pea Ridge Primary School, Pea Ridge

Northside Elementary, Decatur

Glenn Duffy Elementary, Gravette

Gentry Primary School, Gentry


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Download the 2014-15 Missing Melody Program Evaluation


Download the 2014-15 Missing Melody Program Evaluation



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